The Organic Development of a Thought

    Once upon a time, I posted this as a status update on Twitter, “Apryl cheeky art about a trash artist”  Here it is:

    It generated feedback on facebook, and reminded me of another time when I’d chosen to take another look at what I’d prefer to overlook. I was so disgusted that the path that I run to Sainte Victoire is in such a state. I wanted to post a sign "please don't leave your garbage; I don't run in your toilet."      Instead, I made this: 

    And that made me think about other situations when I choose to ignore what really bothers me.  What’s the point?  Who’s listening?  Who cares?  Who’s making a difference?
    When I heard this song the other day, in conjunction with the current economic pessimism and mass corporate layoffs, it all came together into this video.
    What does it take for us to respectfully care for one another?

    Thanks to someone’s diligence, the lyrics to ‘il’ by les negresses vertes are available with their English translation. 

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    Barbara Hartsook (Monday, 09 March 2009 14:20)

    What a question! What does it take for us to respectfully care for one another?

    I'm taking that out on a walk with me... it's worth thinking about. Thanks for asking it.

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