Dog Biscuits...people crackers for dogs?

What's cooking?
What's cooking?

   What’s the quickest way to doggie obedience?  Loving attention and bribery work nicely.  
    Dr Pavlov gets all the credit, and look how effectively his technique can be used to your favor. Training the dogs to come when called involved a set of jingly keys and dog treats.  Immediately before their morning and evening feedings, I’d shake a set of keys.  And in the evening, to call them in from their last run, I’d rattle them again.  It wasn’t long before the expectant Goldens were drooling in anticipation.
    We don’t feed them every time we call them.  Often the reward is play.  But we do need to keep the biscuit supply going….

      I keep bones in the freezer until I have an assortment, and then gather them in the soup pot with 1tsp salt, and rosemary, thyme and a bay leaf from my garden.  Likewise for chicken and turkey bones, even vegetable trimmings, but more about that in another blog.
      Bring it to the boil, and simmer for at least 20 minutes, the longer, the better for more flavor and nutrients.

    Strain it, and let it cool.  Pick out the meat scraps, and chop them into tiny bits.  I save the bones again for the dogs to gnaw.

When 375ml (1 ½ C) stock is lukewarm—baby’s bath temperature—add
    2 T honey
    2 tsp dry yeast

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Meanwhile, while the yeast comes alive, combine in a bowl with the meat scraps:
    625 g (4 C) flour       
    2 T dry parsley       
    1 T fennel seed
    1 egg

    ½ C fat—whatever you skimmed off the stock + butter, lard or oil

Work in the yeast-liquid and as much additional flour as needed to make a stiff dough.


    Roll the dough to 0,5cm (1/4”) thickness; cut shapes and place on a baking sheet.


    Bake in pre-heated oven for 30 minutes; turn them over and bake 15 minutes more, or until golden on both sides.

    Let cool completely before storing in an airtight tin.

    Now you know what goes into them, so go ahead and share them with your dog.  Twitter your friends about it for additional thrill and amusement.

People crackers for dogs
People crackers for dogs

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