Mustgoes Barbie Sauce

    That mustgoes BBQ sauce is going over quite well in the Anderson house.  It’s almost magical, how that transformation from abandoned food items has suddenly become the belle of the ball.

    The redeeming quality of neglected wine adds to the banquet.  Take this sour rosé…please!
    Medieval times weren’t all plagues and pillaging.  The lessons learned by frugal cooks continue to serve us today.  For instance, the acids from fruits are useful for tenderizing meats.  Keep in mind that most European beef hasn’t had the free-range capacity of their American cousins.  It’s served rare, to keep it from taking the consistency of shoe leather. 
    So, here’s the Sunday chicken, layered with rosemary, thyme and a bay leaf, and awaiting its soak in the plonk.


    After marinating for about 4hrs, it’s off to the grill.  Tim the grillmaster slow roasts it on the top rack to cook thoroughly, basting with the BBQ sauce during the last 5-10 minutes.

Meanwhile, I’m microwaving the potatoes in garlic, salt, pepper and herbs….


Bon appetite!


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