The Vegetable Kingdom


Sometimes the muse sneaks past and makes a silent getaway.  Other times, she’ll hit you on the head with a carrot.
That’s what happened to me this morning.  I was ready to give up on a blog topic.  I’m not finished with my Easter painting, the home renovation projects aren’t worth mentioning, and the garden is prepared but bare.

But one facebook comment led to another, and I realized that we’re one month away from panic carrot buying day.  As Picasso said, “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” 

That leads me the theft of something else he said, “An idea is a point of departure and no more. As soon as you elaborate it, it becomes transformed by thought.”

Therefore, I shall turn my thoughts to vegetables…


What are they, exactly?  Wikipedia can elaborate.


Tell me about some vegetables in literature!  Why certainly, L Frank Baum wrote about them in the Wizard of Oz.


Wasn't there a world-wide carrot shortage on 15 May, 2008?  Oh, yes, here's how it happened...


What else might I do with my vegetables?  Here's what one group did:


I'm concerned that there are people who aren't getting enough vegetables.  How can I help?  France to Uganda is glad you asked!


I'd like to stay perpetually inspired by vegetables.  I wish there was a fan club!

Ah, but there is, thanks to facebook!


Finally, I'd like to invest in the arts, knowing that 10% of my purchase is tythed to the Creator of the Vegetable Kingdom--that's the Creator of the Universe, not facebook!

And this is one way:

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