A walk around Cabriès


I thought I recognized the village from a shortcut I took following a local back to Aix.  The perched village topped with a wrought-iron steeple, the plantain-lined narrow lane all seemed to match the Cézanne painting I was challenged to identify.

Close but not quite, I don’t know when I was more happily wrong.  Cézanne painted Gardanne when he lived there; did he ever pop over to neighboring Cabriès?


This is one of many small hillside villages of Provence, and it’s overflowing with color and charm.  The official website can give you all the details.  I offer you the basic information that the painter Edgar Mélik bought the castle in 1934 and lived there until his death in 1976, and was purchased by the municipality at that time.   The museum is closed during the winter months, but I look forward to going back for a visit next month.

Until then, put on your walking shoes, charge that camera battery, and take a stroll…

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