Life is a battlefield


The Second Eternal Truth is that some great struggle is raging throughout time and space.  It can seem as if your life is a battleground when you think about the losses, the wounds, and the casualties in your life.  Who’s to blame for this war:  You?  YHWH?  Others?  The Adversary? 

What battles are you facing?  What’s been your part in the skirmishes?  Write up your own After-Action Report.

We live in a world at war that is unfolding all around us.  The news media only present the symptoms — those visually stimulating conflicts.  The bigger battles are usually unseen and unreported.  Like Moses (Exodus 4:10), we’re called into it, doubting and arguing with God that He’s given us a crucial role.

Read Daniel 10, and notice the source of the conflicts between men and their brothers?  Verse 13 explains that the angel was detained as a result of the spiritual battle.  Could this explain some of the difficulties you face in your life?

“May the grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit.”  Phil 4:23, NLT

This is a wonderful blessing!  My spirit is always my spirit as long as I have breath.  The question is:  What spirit happens to be governing it at this moment?  Is it the Holy Spirit yielding the fruit of love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?  Or might it be the spirit of all that is physical, sensual and temporal?  Galatians 5:19-21 lists the extremes, but there are many small steps of acquiescence that accompany control by the spirit of the lesser gods.

“This is our most desperate hour.”  Winston Churchill

Be aware of self-doubt.  It is the sinister whisper, “are you sure God really said that?” (Genesis 3:1)  It is all so illogical.

Get it out into the open!  Don’t try to ignore it, because these thoughts won’t just go away.  Why didn’t Eve run to Abba--‘Abba’ is Greek from the Aramaic for ‘daddy’--before she took the first bite?  Don’t attempt to argue your doubts or to stuff them into a dark corner.  Bring them into the light immediately.  Write them in your journal; show them to the LORD your protector.


[The study begins here.]

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