Deep calls out to deep…is it safe to answer?

“Oh, we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.”  Crosby, Stills & Nash

So, what’s the great eternal Mystery?  It is that deep calls out to deep. [Psalm 42]


We all carry an internal memory of Eden.  Sometimes, we hunger and thirst for righteousness so desperately that we are drowning in despair, and we will pull our most beloved down with us in the struggle. 


Those of us who are a shade healthier need to keep our feet on solid ground and throw out the lifeline.  This may require you to shift your balance from your normal stance.  The lifeguard gets behind the victim in order to maintain his position of strength, “I can’t save you, but I can lead you to safety.”

“DRAMA depends upon conflict.  The protagonist must face tests and trials, and through overcoming them, reveal his true character… Violence and sexual betrayal — trust and intimacy — are among the most extreme tests we can face, which is why they are so frequently used in story lines.”  Steve Turner, Imagine, pg 38; 2001, Intervarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL

“A funny old world — a man’s lucky if he gets out of it alive.”  W  C Fields, in the 1934 film, You’re Telling Me

SEEDS OF CHANGE is an exercise that can help you to identify the steps involved in rethinking old behaviors.

1.  Choose a habit you want to break or a thought-pattern that you know is harmful.


2.  Journalize your current thoughts regarding this issue.  Why do you want to change?  Write a description of yourself acting out your new behavior.


3.  Find a Scripture verse, a quotation or create your own phrase which gives you affirmation and hope, or perhaps challenges you to reconsider your own viewpoint.  It must encourage you, not abase you.


4.  Train yourself to think about your situation from different perspectives and at different times of day or night to see what other possibilities arise.  You might want to wear a different ring on your finger (or your ring on a different finger) to help you remember.  Memorize your statement.

[the study begins here.]

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