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This recipe comes from the cookbook of my mother’s first microwave oven in the mid-1970s.  It’s traveled the world, and as quick as it is to prepare, it disappears even faster than the 10 minutes it takes to prepare.  I recommend that you store it in a locked compartment of your refrigerator.

Combine in a large microwavable bowl:
    600g (3 C) plain chocolate
    400g (14oz can) sweetened condensed milk
    65g ( ¼ C) butter

Microwave at Medium (50%) power, stirring every 2 minutes, until smooth.
You can also prepare this on the stove, using a double boiler (bain marie).  The most important thing is to keep the chocolate from burning.

Remove from the heat source and add:
    2 t vanilla extract or flavored liquor
    150g (1 C) chopped nuts, if desired

Chill several hours until firm.

The chocolate-peanut butter variation:  instead of 600g choc, use 400g (2 C) chocolate and 200g (1 C) peanut butter.



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