I scream, you scream, let's make some ice cream!

We could all use a bit more fresh dairy products in our diets, agreed?


Okay, then.  You don't need to own an ice cream maker, but it sure is worth the price. 


Otherwise, you have the excuse of popping your head into the freezer to stir the mixture occasionally, but I don't have the patience.  Our 1-liter capacity electric freezer gives us ready-to-enjoy deliciousness in 20-minutes.


I have great nostalgia of hand-cranking our grandparents' machine.  My parents recall that the kids lasted for about 5-minutes' participation before scampering off with a, "call us when it's done!"


So, without further ado…

Simple Vanilla Ice Cream


125 g (1/2 C) sugar

2 fresh eggs


Blend in:

500 ml (2 C) single cream OR milk + heavy cream

2 t vanilla


If you want chocolate, add:  30 g (2 T) unsweetened cocoa (not drink mix)


Let the ice-cream maker do the rest.

So, you want some flavor?

before freezing, add your choice of:

* 150 g (1 C) chopped Turkish delight and a few drops rosewater

* 225 g (1 C) mashed ripe banana + 1/2 t cinnamon and a few drops lemon juice

* 225 g (1 C) crushed macaroons or crumbled cake

* 125 g (1/2 C) honey instead of sugar in the recipe + 1 T rum + 75 g (1/3 C) raisins

* 225 g (1 C) marmelade, jam or lemon curd instead of sugar

* 175 g melted, cooled chocolate + 100 g chopped walnuts + 100 g raisins

* Rocky Road: 1/2 C mini-marshmallows + 1/4 C chocolate bits + 1/4 C chopped walnuts

* 2 T Kahlua or Bailey's Irish Cream

* 2 T crème de menthe + 1/4 C chocolate bits

* 1/2 C crushed peppermint candies

* Maple Walnut: 2 T maple syrup + 1/2 C chopped walnuts + 75 g chopped caramels

* Cookies & Cream: 1/2 C crumbled cookies

* Nougat Glacé: 100 g chopped nougat; garnish with chopped pistachios

* Raspberry Amaretti:  500 g raspberries + 200 g crushed amerettini biscuits

* White Chocolate Passion: pulp of 8 passion fruit + 200 g white chocolate bits

* Piña Colada: 400 g crushed pineapple + 200 g flaked coconut + 2 T rum + 1 T lime juice

* Truffle:  1 T grated fresh truffles (or lots & lots of the chocolatey ones)


[More recipes here.]


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