The livebox wasn't really dead

nature morte with mouse and skull
nature morte with mouse and skull

This is the blog in which I spout off about france telecom/Orange, and their enfuriating customer service.


You can track the days we’ve been off-line by the days that I couldn’t post my daily blogs, and I can show you a distressing dip in my statistics that coincide with the days sans service.


Perhaps you’ll want to peek into our dossier of phone calls to 3900.  When the message reminds us that, “this phone call may be recorded to improve customer service,” I have to wonder if there are other reasons…

Is this part of The Game?  Is the objective to waste as much time as possible, or to convince the customer of the uselessness of the request for assistance quicker than his colleagues?  Are there bonus points given for suggesting that the customer is ignorant or too demanding?   Certainly there’s a competition for who can make the customer recite his portable (cell phone) number the most times.


The truth of the situation was that when the telephone company ‘upgraded’ their lines last month, they miswired the local system.  The entire community of St Marc Jaumegarde experienced disrupted service, and it wasn’t until we started commiserating with our neighbors that we realized how we are united in despair. 


Logically, telling this to customer service would provide a simple solution for everyone involved. Simply send the technician to the central source of the dysfunction. But that would interrupt The Game, as well as yielding victory to the customer.


Rather than dwell on the more depressing aspects of poor communication, I want to know what any of us can do to counteract these situations.  Why was this a battle of proving what we already knew to those who are supposed to know better?  Of what use is collective knowledge against The Corporation and all it represents?  Are company representatives encouraged to check their integrity at the door?


If this a publicly traded business, shouldn’t the shareholders be concerned with their investment?  Granted, the internet service providers are in stiff competition for new customers, and the millions spent on advertising is bringing in impressive returns.  What about the ability to retain customers and maintain dependable, reliable service?  The company that can succeed in this department will surely win out in over time.  Considering the rapid spread of information these days, good word will travel fast.


I dare you to go the distance!  I’ll tell the world!


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