Mapping the journey

Ça va?  Does your answer honestly reflect how you feel?  Writing takes you to the heart of the matter.  It’s easy to say “fine, thanks,” but isn’t there so much more going on inside?  It’s pointless and unnecessary to justify yourself as you write in your journal.  Doesn’t it feel better to let the truth spill out on paper?  Or are you still critiquing your own words?  Stop!  These things aren’t your fault!  You are looking at your battle wounds.  Look up!  Look around!  What do you see from where you are?


It’s tempting to abandon the journal when you realize that an unpleasant revelation of truth is about to be exposed.  Those passionate emotions — both positive and negative — are the usual triggers for avoiding time spent on the page.  Let the avoidance and denial become signals for your growth.  Let them challenge, not condemn you.  Know that often we are afraid to remember, because we fear who we really are.

Anton Chekhov advises us, “If you want to work on your art, work on your life.”  If you want to have self-expression, you must find a self to express.  And believe it or not, your truest self is the one that will best reflect the Divine.


Transformation inevitably involves loss as well as gain.  We discover our boundaries, and those boundaries by definition separate us from others.  As we clarify our perceptions, we lose our misconceptions.  As we eliminate ambiguity, we forsake illusion, arriving at clarity, which inspires change.  We are asking to be purified from the inside out.  We are called to break from our old patterns of response for a relationship His way.  We must expect some serious “culture shock.”


Your exercise for today is to express yourself into your journal.  Pick a moment in your life—any age, any place—probably the most random event will come to mind.  Record down the details as you recall them.  Now, ask, “what did I learn from this?”  Not feelings or fault finding, but recognize how a particular event may have influenced your choice or direction.  Is it the direction you wish to continue?  Make a habit of this exercise.


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