Life is a tug-of-war, and I'm the rope

EXPECTATIONS & FAILURE… longing and striving for Eden… disappointment… faking it…


“Sometimes relinquishment means giving up a cherished dream, a plan, an illusion.  Life is often a series of adjustments — fitting our dreams to reality.  I have my notions of what life should be.  Unfortunately, my notions are sometimes more typical of paradise than of the racked utopia in which I live.  For some of us, relinquishment comes when we surrender our fantasies.  I may never shake the world with my accomplishments…Not every day will be one of ease and contentment.  Not everyone will love me.  People will make mistakes or disappoint me.  Goals may rot on my journal page…” from Ruth Senter, “The Bittersweet of Letting Go”, Today’s Christian Woman magazine, Sept/Oct 1989, pg 43

Read Matt 26:36-46, and notice Jesus’ phases of Commitment with Expectation, Release and Relief, Resignation and Resolve.


Gather at least three newspapers, magazines, or internet printouts of sordid reports of interest and intrigue.  Cut out the stories you find that thrill you, enrage you, make you laugh — never mind anyone else or what you think should interest you.  Divide them into common themes.  What clues are emerging?  Does this truth about yourself challenge you in some way?  Does it free you?


Your unique personality is becoming free from its bondage of expectation.  We are so conditioned to accept other peoples’ definitions for us that it’s sometimes frightening to witness the emergence of self. 


Would we ask the butterfly to return to the cocoon?


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