September is Oktoberfest


It’s that time of year again, when young men’s thoughts turn to beer.  Okay, you can tell me I’m being sexist, but photos of buxom beer glasses do not appeal to me, personally.


Admittedly, if there was ever a time when I didn’t want to live in Munich, it was during the annual biggest-party-in-the-world.  Like many Müncheners, the crowds of drunken tourists were best left to themselves out there in the field—all 6 million of them or so.  We knew the best local biergartens, and enjoyed them to a reasonable extent at lunch, after work or on the weekends.  What more could we ask?

Am I speaking for the majority?  That depends who you ask, or at what point during those 16 days at the end of September.  Here’s a glimpse at (in my opinion) is the best time—the only time—to visit Oktoberfest.  I could enjoy several hours of people-watching, the finest in traditional costume, and more brass bands than I know what to do with.  Follow the crowd, and I’ve had my fill for another year.

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