Battling dragons & windmills and doing the laundry

Why is it that whenever I try to write or paint, or make that important phone call, or introduce myself to the new gallery owner, I find a sudden urge to catch up on the laundry? What is this reprehensible beast inside me that won’t let me be what I was created to Be?

It’s only natural tendency to press for change, and then fall back again.  This same thread runs through the entire Bible.  It’s the eternal record of God’s children looking to Him, moving ahead in trust, and then drifting into self-reliance, depending on the nearest leader, turning to their idols, swelling into pride and leading to a fall.  Old habits run deep.


Learning to identify safe boundaries, avoiding guilt and coercion, and at the same time inspiring action, is to the practice of personal discipline.  This is the real work that results in creativity.  This is what glorifies the Creator.


Your new ToDo list:


1.  Make a date with someone who encourages your work.  Prepare a presentation.


2.  No teacher is greater than his master. (Luke 6:40)  Teach and learn.  What are you learning, and who’s learning from you?


3.  Get your ideas on paper or computer.  Turn thought to action.


4.  Bribe yourself with food — yes, little treats along the way.  Don’t worry, there’s more to come, no need to gorge it all in one sitting.  And when you finally get to enjoy your treat, relish in the reward.  If you’ve chosen a sensible portion, you know that any guilt comes from the Liar.


5.  Reward yourself with toys.  When you’ve filled another journal, completed a revision, or filed your taxes, give yourself something that will make you smile.


“Create in me a clean heart, O God.”  Ps 51:1


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