Fine-Tuning The Vision

Jesus nicknamed two of his students the Sons of Thunder, and He meant it.  (Mark 3:17)  He knew them so well that He could see through their strengths and failures and straight to their hearts.


What would Jesus call you?  Remember, He never condemned anyone who reached out to Him.  Challenged, yes, but never rejected.


These characters and their stories stir something in you because they speak directly into the mystery of your true self. Deep is calling unto deep.  (Ps 42)


“Look and you will find it.  What is unsought will go undetected.”  Sophocles

Catch yourself thinking; what do you think about when you’re not thinking about anything?  What moves you?  What do you care about?  What about you is worth defending?


If you could live five other lives, what would you do in each of them?  Grasp at whatever occurs to you.  Don’t overthink this.  Let yourself go!  Out-run the Censor and accuse the Accuser.  The point of these lives is to have fun in them—more fun than you might be having in this one.  Julia Cameron, in the Artist’s Way, challenges us to choose one life from your list and act it out this week!


When you find photos of someone living the life you want, add it to your collage of desires.  Will the LORD bless you with it?  Ask Him!


As you come to realize that YHWH has an unlimited supply of goodness and that everyone has equal access to His grace, you’re suddenly freed from the guilt of having too much.  You’re depriving no one by your abundance.  When you can understand that acting upon YHWH’s generosity is an act of worship, you can chose to turn away from your acts of self-sabotage.  If you think it’s too much, then simply consider what qualities you can share, and take action.


God is no capricious parent.  He is loving and just and faithful.  Any ‘no’ is merely a ‘wait.  Be patient.  I have something better for you, but you need to grow into it.  Be strong and courageous: trust Me.’


If you’re not finding an adequate supply of faith, then it’s probably because you are insisting on a human supplier.  Let the Source flow in its natural direction, not where you would expect it.


Challenge yourself to take note of the many unexpected ways you encounter grace this week.

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