the Mustgoes in China: fried rice

You may recall from earlier posts that ‘mustgoes’ are another way of describing those tidbits in your fridge that need to be eaten sooner rather than later.  Here’s an absolute classic that always gets me excited about leftovers…


But first, a word about Asian stir-frying: Traditionally, the Asian method of cooking food is rapidly over a hot fire.  Have the ingredients washed and prepared, and cut into bite-sized portions for faster cooking and better fuel economy. Weapons, also known as knives, have no place at the dinner table.  Have the table set for dining, because you won’t have time to work on them while you’re tending the flame.  Measure the ingredients and keep them in separate bowls, ready to add while cooking.  Also, keep a cup of water at hand, ready to add if your food starts to burn.

Chinese Fried Rice

Cook; let cool:

         200 g (1 C) rice

This yields about 500g (3 C) cooked rice. The rice must be cold before stir-frying to prevent sticking.


Be sure to start with a very hot wok or skillet.  Test by sprinkling water on the surface.  When it quickly sizzles and evaporates, then add:

         1 T oil


Cook until soft:

         100 g chopped scallion or 1 large onion

         2 crushed cloves garlic        

         [1 t shredded fresh ginger]


Add & stir-fry:

         250 g (2 C) or more peas, shredded carrot, baby shrimp, etc

         S & P


Just before vegetables are cooked, stir in rice and:

         1 beaten egg


Stir-fry until egg is cooked, add rice & stir-fry to heat through.

Season with soy sauce, chili oil and chopped roasted peanuts.



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