Cold Winter Night + Fire + Hot Melted Stuff + Friends = it's a Fun-Do!

What do you do when your friend’s birthday is 14 February, and nobody thought soon enough to make reservations at her favorite fondue place?  Well, you blindfold her, and take her on a long drive in the country to your very own pantomime restaurant.  It’s happiness and fun for all!  Now you can try this at home…


Classic Swiss Fondue  for 10

Rub the inside of heavy saucepan with the cut surface of a garlic clove

Pour in:

         500 ml (2 C) Sauterne; dry white or rosé wine

         1 t lemon juice--helps to melt cheese

beware of fire
beware of fire

Warm gently until air bubbles rise & cover the surface--don’t cover pot or boil the wine—keep the heat low, especially when adding cheese…Gradually add, stirring constantly in a figure-8 motion with a non-metal spoon:

         250 g cubed Gruyère        

         750 g cubed Emmentaler (Swiss)

Whisk together:

         1/4 C Kirsh or dry sherry        

         2 t cornstarch

Stir into melted cheese with:

         1/4 t grated nutmeg                 

         dash ground black pepper

         [2 T curry powder or 1 T mustard]

Transfer to fondue pot and keep warm.

Serve with stale bread cubes, pickled gherkins & onions, olives, salami/ham/meat slices, small boiled unpeeled potatoes, chutneys and salad.

Near the end of the fondue--when the bottom of the pot comes into view--stir in an egg or two; cook & stir, keep dipping bread.  This will keep the cheese from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

tragedy averted
tragedy averted

And for dessert…

After-Eight Fondue


Stir & heat gently until smooth:

         300 g (8 oz) After-Eight mints

         200 ml (1/2 C) cream

Serve with fresh fruit, cake & biscuits


Daniel’s White Chocolate Fondue


Stir & heat gently until smooth:

         400 g white chocolate                 

         1/4 C amaretto

         200 ml cream

Serve with fresh fruit, cake & biscuits
Happy Birthday, dear Danielle!
Happy Birthday, dear Danielle!

Girls’-Night-In Chocolate Fondue


Stir & heat gently until smooth:

         300 g (8oz) rich dark chocolate

         200 ml (1/2 C) cream                 

         1/4 C your favorite liqueur--I like raspberry Schnapps

a present for Drew
a present for Drew

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