Get Sm’Art this weekend! The 5th Expo of Contemporary Mediterranean Art

It's good to get out into the fresh air…especially now, as the wet, wintry weather has finally turned into sunshine and poppy fields! Everybody seems to be in a good mood (provided they’re not caught up in asserting their vehicular right-of-way.) A sunny disposition makes the world even brighter. Add to that an outdoor art expo: le Sm’art, the 5th Annual Contemporary Art Show, going on this weekend at La Baume, Aix-en-Provence.



From 10am-8pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 4-7 June, 168 artists and 12 galleries are represented at this juried art show. You will find paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media. Entry is €5.



La Baume is a Cultural-Theological-Spiritual Retreat Center located 3km south of Aix on the D-9 between Pont-de-L’arc and Le Pioline (Les Milles). Directions are on their website, and the appropriate roundabout is marked with Sm’art banners.


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