"There are a few things I've learned in life: always throw salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for good luck, and...

...and fall in love whenever you can.


That's been attributed to William Shakespeare, but it sounds more like Andy Rooney to me.  Never mind, it's good advice in any case.  Whatever it takes to get me through another grey winter day.


Here's Will for you; and we seem to be in agreement about the weather...


There’s flowers for you;

Hot lavender, mints, savory, marjoram; 
The marigold, that goes to bed wi’ the sun,
And with him rises weeping; thes are flower
Of middle summer, and I thek they are given

To men of middle age.

(from The Winter's Tale)


Note: Cheers to my unknown contributor for credit where credit's due: The quote is actually from Alice Hoffman in "Practical Magic."

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    unknown (Saturday, 08 September 2012 01:46)

    The quote is actually from Alice Hoffman in "Practical Magic."