Some Enchanted Evening with the Puppini Sisters

photo credit: Bataclan - Paris 11ème 50 Bd Voltaire 75011
photo credit: Bataclan - Paris 11ème 50 Bd Voltaire 75011


I knew I'd found a good thing when I heard the Puppini Sisters' version of Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive'...and then followed the YouTube sidebar suggestions to more of this British Girl Group's nouveau retro-jazz swing numbers...So when Louise mentioned that they were coming to Marseille, I lept at the opportunity to see them live.  


And am I glad that it was a stand-up concert--Who could possibly SIT to this delightful music?  (Case in point, good luck in finding an audience member video clip that isn't bouncing to the beat!)


Their selections are fun, fast, furious and fantastically meticulous with artistic skill and technique, yet balanced with a few well-placed heartbreakingly romantic charmers.  Have a listen, and support the arts!



Their albums and singles are available through and other outlets.  

You can listen here:


And what I said about not being able to stand still to their sound?  Not even this professional photographer could maintain himself...

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