Naked and Unashamed: An Artist Reveals All

Tim offered, for the second edition of his Birthday Artist Challenge, the subject of Self-portrait with Super Power. Inspired by this year’s ICCP Kids’ Camp theme: Super Heroes. That makes more sense if you recall that last year was our opportunity to simply design an artwork that revealed the designer’s concept of what we know of him. Both wife (me) and daughters came up with unique aspects of Tim-ness as we know and love him.


My life mission is: That as we are created in the image of God, every individual reflects a unique facet of his Creator as the moon reflects the sun. Each serves in his fashion depending on his particular season and place. Some shine bright, others barely visible, yet all have an important role in the universe. Many don’t realize their significance, and that’s why I’m called to action. I want to see you to standing like a beacon on the Rock!


The body form was a lucrative dumpster dive when a local sporting goods store changed their displays. I’m all about redeeming the lost. If something’s broken, don’t throw it out; fix it, or find a new use for it! Old DVDs are sparkly and colorful. I’d kept them for ages, knowing they’d have their time to shine eventually. To everything there is a season; a time for every purpose under heaven...we just need to be awake to realize what it is!


Now here’s the profound revelation: Each of these 50 or so discarded CDs and DVDs are memory storage units containing my writing, music, photos, and other elements that make me who I am. Even US Census records, no longer compatible with my computer system, don’t change the reality that I am because generations of Pennsylvanians went before.


When you look at me, your impressions of who I am are a reflection of who you are. We connect because you like a particular something about yourself that I echo back to you. Likewise, my idiosyncrasies are yours, too. If my quirks didn’t irritate you so badly, then they wouldn’t be your issue either.


Don’t like disco? It’s awfully hard to stand still and serious when that beat and those lights really get goin’. When it feels like the world is on your shoulders, and all of the madness has got you goin' crazy, it's time to get out; step out into the street where all of the action is right there at your feet… To the beat of the rhythm of the night. Dance until the morning light. Forget about the worries on your mind, we can leave them all behind. To the beat of the rhythm of the night, oohh the rhythm of the night, ooohh yeah. That’s what I’m talkin’bout. ;0)



Oops, it looks as if I ran short of CDs. Well, I’m not finished yet. That’s exposure for you. Never perfect, but always perfecting. Whenever we create whatever it is that we create, be it lunch, our tax declaration, a new concerto, or another satisfied customer, we reflect the image of our Creator. We were created to create, and it is Good. Every action is a new creation.


What are you doing to breathe life into your world today?

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