Once Upon a Town part 5: Invitation to Insanity

Melinda RUPP (1864-1894)
Melinda RUPP (1864-1894)


It's making me crazy that I know absolutely nothing about any of these people!  Are these photos the only record of their existence?  Who were they?  How did they spend their lives?  What books did they read?  What songs did they sing?  Did they ever go anywhere they'd never been before?  What made them laugh?  What made them angry, and what did they do with it?  Who did they love best?  I'd thrill just to hear about the progression of events from how they decided to be photographed, the trip to the studio, and receiving the prints—what a long, strange trip it must've been!  


As mentioned in previous posts, these came from the home of John & Mary (POFF) RUPP of Lower Windsor Township, York Co., PA.  If you know anything about this family, or can identify any of these photos, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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