Once Upon a Town 14: Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World

Do you know what's the best part of this photo?


That amongst the 35 adorable children of St. Paul's Evangelical Church of Red Lion, PA, I can identify my paternal grandparents!


Jay Robert ZARFOS (1916-2000) is 2nd from right in the 2nd row.

Geraldine Josephine LAUCKS (1919-1999) is 1st at left on the 1st row.  Aren't they gorgeous?!!


Are there any others we can positively identify?  Your assistance is invaluable!


The Work Team
The Work Team by AprylZA
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Men in Black
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Seriously In Love
Seriously In Love by AprylZA
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Summer Outing
Summer Outing by AprylZA
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