Once Upon a Town 31: Amanda ZARFOS & Moses PAULES


Meanwhile, back to the ancestors...


Sometimes I feel like everything's back-to-front.  We had such a fun week with the in-laws, and now I have another hundred great iPhotos capturing spring in Provence.  It's the perfect time to plant and paint, but I really want to get this project up and out!  I'm ready to move on—into living color.


With all due respect, here's another daughter of Benjamin & Annie (HOWARD) ZARFOS:



Name: Amanda ZARFOS

Birth:18 Feb 1860York Co., PA

Death: 6 May 1943 York Co., PA

Burial: York Co., PA

Father: Benjamin ZARFOS (1823-1898)

Mother: Ann "Annie" HOWARD (1827-1905)


Married: Moses PAULES

Birth: 1860

Death: 1941 York Co., PA

Burial: York Co., PA





Patience & Serenity
Patience & Serenity by AprylZA
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Identified only as Carrie PAULES' child, I'm not sure if he's even related to this family...

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