Once Upon a Town 33: More John RUPP & Benjamin ZARFOS families & friends


I'm a bit confused by these faces...The names on the backs of the photos don't correspond with any of my family groups.  Were they blood relations, friends, or neighbors?


And Ellen Zarfos didn't stick around long enough to merit her own blog page.


Birth: 16 Nov 1863

Death: 25 Feb 1865

Father: Benjamin ZARFOS (1823-1898)

Mother: Ann "Annie" HOWARD (1827-1905)


At right:

M. INNERST, M. Jane (RUPP) ZARFOS, Amanda WALLICK (or was she an OBERDORF?)


Could this possibly be a brother, or maybe a nephew to Ann HOWARD, wife of Benjamin ZARFOS?

William HOWARD of Windsor, Pennsylvania, ca 1870
William HOWARD of Windsor, Pennsylvania, ca 1870 by AprylZA
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Isn't that Melvina Jane (seated, far back right?)  Who are the rest of them?  What was the occasion?


This one really confuses me.  Annotated 'Joseph & Charlie ZARFOS', I'm pretty sure that's Charles Franklin ZARFOS at right...but who's Joseph?  Could this be Charlie's cousin?  He resembles Lizzie (RUPP) STONEY...

Here are a fun of couple of shots.  Cora & Addie are on the left, Harry's in the center (and the tobacco crate below), and that's his sister, Rosie, at right.  Who's the other girl?  Could it be Lottie JACOBS?

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