Once Upon a Town 35: William A. LAHR


Welcome to the William LAHR family of Red Lion, Pennsylvania!


The only thing I know about them is through photographs.  He married Cora ZARFOS, and had no children.  I was a little confused about why she's buried next to her parents, not him, but as they were Protestants, there was no posthumous admittance to his Catholic cemetery, go figure.


That leads to a whole lot more questions about how well everyone got along...

William & Mother
William & Mother

William A LAHR

Birth: 27 Apr 1875 Maryland

Census: 1890 Windsor Twp., York Co., PA

Residence: 1899 Red Lion, York Co., PA

Death: 6 Nov 1918

Occupation: Red Lion cigar mfg 1899

Father: Francis LAHR

Mother: Lena


Notes from York County Archives

"No.11627.  Application of [Wm A LAHR] and [Cora M ZARFOSS] for Marriage License...Filed [July 21] 189[9]  [329]

APPLICATION FOR MARRIAGE LICENSE.  1.  Full name of the man, [William A LAHR]  2.  Full name of the woman, [Cora M ZARFOS]  3.  Relationship of the parties, either by blood or marriage, [--]  4. Age of the Man, [25 years]  5. Age of the woman, [21 years]  6. Residence of the man, [Red Lion, Pa]  7.  Residence of the woman, [Red Lion, Pa]  8. Parent's names-man, [Francis & Lena LAHR]  9. Parent's names-woman, [Benj. F & Jane ZARFOS]  10. Date of death of man's former wife, if any, [--]  11. Date of death of woman's former husband, if any, [--]  12.  Date of Divorce of man at any time, [--]  12.  Date of Divorce of woman at any time, [--]  14.  Color of parties, [white]  15. Occupation of man, [cigar mfr]  16. Occupation of woman, [cigar maker]


Personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Peace in and for said County of York, Pa., [William A LAHR] and [Cora M ZARFOS] who being duly qualified according to law, did depose and say that the statements above set forth are correct and true, to the best of their knowledge and belief.  [Affirmid] and subscribed before me this [19] day of [July] AD 189[9] [signed J B Herman] J.P.} [signed William A LAHR, Cora M ZARFOS]   


MARRIAGE LICENSE.  No.11627 State of Pennsylvania, County of York.

To any Minister of the Gospel, Justice of the Peace or other officers or persons authorised by law to solemnize marriages...You are herby authorized to join together in the holy state of Matrimony, according to the rites and ceremonies of your church, society or religious denomination and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, [Wm A LAHR] and [Cora M ZARFOSS] 

Given under my Hand and Seal of the Orphans' Court of said County of York, this [21] day of [July] AD 189[9].  [L S STONER], Clerk.


I, [H E Berkey], hereby certify, that on the [23] day of [July] one thousand eight hundred and ninety-[nine] at [Red Lion, Pa] [William A LAHR] and [Cora M ZARFOSS] were by me united in marriage, in accordance with license issued by the Clerk of the Orphans' Court of York County, Pennsylvania, numbered [11627]  When returned [July 27] 189[9]  [signed H E Berkey] Minister of the Gospel."



Married: Cora May ZARFOS

Birth: 24 Sep 1877

Death: 31 Dec 1964 724 West Broadway, Red Lion, York Co., PA

Burial: 3 Jan 1965 Red Lion Cemetery, Gay St., York Twp., York Co., PA

Occupation: cigar maker in 1899

Father: Benjamin Franklin “Frank” ZARFOS (1858-1942)

Mother: Melvina Jane "Jane" RUPP (1856-1944)


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