Once Upon a Town 37: Leo & Lena LAHR and the DOLLs


Questions lead to more questions:


Is this Lena the daughter of Lena, and therefore, William's sister?  Then is this Leo a younger brother?


And is this Lena the mother of Severa and Catherine (below)?  The resemblance is notable.


Mystery: the photos are noted LAHR, therefore, one can assume that's the married name.  So, did Lena LAHR marry a LAHR?  Did she marry?  How'd that go over?


I won't question their fashion sense—it's stunning!


"Seasons Greetings from Mr. & Mrs. John L. DOLL and son"


Can you help me solve any of these mysteries?  I welcome your response!


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    Francis Lahr (Saturday, 17 April 2021 21:39)

    My grandfather Leo A Lahr was born in 1881 he was a blacksmith by trade in Violet Hill, flahr@abelconst.com