Once Upon a Town 40: Lydia GILBERT & Henry William BURG


Behold, the parents of Earl Britman BURG and many others, celebrating to their hearts' content in 1928!


Wed Half Century

  Mr & Mrs H W Burg

  East Prospect couple who clebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday.



  East Prospect, Feb 28.--fifty years ago Mr and Mrs Henry W Burg, this place, were married in Lower Windsor township by Rev Mr Derrick.  On Sunday their children with their families and a few invited guests gathered at the Burg residence.



to celebrate the anniversary.

  Mr and Mrs Burg are the parents of eleven children, eight of whom are living.  There were two great-grandchildren present, Lois Burg and Denton Wallick.  A dinner was served.  The table was beautifully decorated with white, orange, and gold paper.  In the center of the table was placed a beautiful large basket of flowers, containing fifty yellow daffodils.

  Mr Burg is the son of Samuel Burg, a justice of the peace in Lower Windsor township and Mrs Burg is the daughter of Henry Gilbert.



  At the dinner Mr and Mrs Burg [con]taining nearly seventy dollars in gold, were presented with a purse con-...at which time Rev H M Buck, pastor of the Zion Evangelical church, made a few very appropriate remarks.  Mr and Mrs Burg have been life-long members of the Evangelical church of this place.  Mr Buck referred to this important fact and stressed the importance of true religion in the home, with its blessings upon the family.  He said in part:  These old people have reasons to believe that they will live another half century, in the lives of their children’s children.



  Those present were:  Mr and Mrs Earl B Burg and children, Henry and Palmer, Mr and Mrs Wilbert Burg and children, Edna and Charlotte, Mr and Mrs Lester Marks and daughter, Sara, all of Red Lion; Mr and Mrs Harvey Garver and daughter, Catharine, York; Mr and Mrs Joseph Burg and children, Reynold and Phyllis and Mr and Mrs Charlie Burg, this place; Mrs Harrison Burg and Mr and Mrs Heil Burg and daughter, Lois; all of Margarette Murnace; Mr and Mrs Harvey Burg and children, Irene and son, Denton, Rachel and Samuel, Mr and Mrs Joseph Keller and Mr and Mrs McKinley Burg and son, william, all of Wood-stock Forge; Rev H M Beck, Mrs Mary Burg, Frank Gilbert, Mr and Mrs Robert Gilbert and children, Dorothy and Paul.”


1 Samuel BURG

The Chanceford Townships Original PA Land Records (Vol.8) by Neal O. Hively, ISBN 0-9638435-2-4

BURG, Samuel p.37,54


(p.37) Survey C-7: Chanceford Twp.

York Warrant Register: H-335

WARRANT -8 May 1794, 100 acres to Anthony Howard

  Interest began 1 Apr 1764: York-1252

SURVEY -11 May 1836, 91.56 acres to Henry Slaymaker

PATENT -13 Sep 1853, 23 acres to George Smeltzer

    H-58-42; C-98-40

  1 Nov 1864, 40.120 acres to John Libhart

    H-60-300; B-12-143; C-100-123

  1 Nov 1864, 40.133 acres to Samuel Burg

    H-60-474; B-12-142


(p.54) Survey C-77: Chanceford Twp.

York Warrant Register: B-313

WARRANT -26 Nov 1792, 50 acres to Daniel Bartholomew

  Interest: York-1271

SURVEY -4 Jan 1793, 37.137 acres to Daniel Bartholomew

PATENT -18 Mar 1812, 37.137 acres to Frederick Sawmiller

  H-8-37; C-25-28



York, Windsor & Lower Windsor Townships, York County, Pennsylvania: Original Pennsylvania Land Records (Vol. 9), Neal Otto Hively, ISBN 0-9638435-3-2

BURG, Samuel p.123


Spouse: Rachel HAINES



Henry William (~1855-1943)


1.1 Henry William BURG

Birth: abt 1855, East Prospect, York Co., PA

Death: 1943

Burial: East Prospect ‘Riverview’ Cemetery, Lower Windsor Twp., York Co., PA

Religion: attended the Union Reformed & Lutheran Church at Kreutz Creek, York Co, PA


Spouse: Lydia GILBERT

Birth: 29 Aug 1857, Gilbert Homestead, Craley, PA

Death: 2 Aug 1946, Woodstock Forge, York Co., PA

Father: Henry GILBERT (1813-)

Mother: Rebecca IMMENHAUSER (1819-)

Marriage: 21 Feb 1878



Earl Britman (1878-1979)

Harvey Garfield (1880-)

Edna R (1883-)

Franklin G (1886-)

Harrison Morton (1888-)

Joseph Stoner (1890-)

Wilbert Palmer (1891-)

Charles Henry (1895-)

Anna Henrietta (1898-1998)

William McKinley (1902-)


1.1.1a Earl Britman BURG

Birth: 24 Dec 1878, Woodstock Forge, York Co., PA

Death: 1979

Spouse: Hettie Marvin ZARFOS (1880-1931)


 Henry Franklin (1908-1993)

John Palmer (1910-)

Other spouses: Julia Mary CILLEY

Birth: 1910

Death: 1994

Father: Harry CILLEY

Mother: Eva FIES

Marriage: 20 Oct 1945, St. Paul’s Evangelical United Brethren Church, 1st Ave., Red Lion, York Co., PA

Children: Mark J (1946-1963)

1.1.1b.1 Mark J BURG

Birth: 1946

Death: 1963

Burial: Red Lion Cemetery, Gay St., York Twp., York Co., PA


1.1.1a.1 Henry Franklin BURG

Birth: 16 Jan 1908

Death: 3 Apr 1993

Burial: Red Lion Cemetery, Gay St., York Twp., York Co., PA

Spouse: Grace Viola FLAHARTY

Birth: 1 Mar 1910

Death: 16 Dec 1993

Father: William Ross FLAHARTY

Mother: Laura RUNKLE

Marriage: 15 Apr 1933


1.1.1a.1.1 Alta Marvin BURG

Spouse: John Whitfield RICHARDSON

Marriage: 19 Oct 1957


1.1.1a.1.2 Dawn Elizabeth BURG

Spouse: Col. Stanton Richard MUSSER

Marriage: 12 Sep 1960


1.1.1a.1.3 Earl Ross BURG

Spouse: Beverley Ann BARLEY

Marriage: 30 Aug 1960


1.1.1a.1.4 Joyce Elaine BURG

Spouse: Thomas Thatcher MELHORN

Marriage: 20 Jun 1964


1.1.1a.2 John Palmer BURG

Birth: 2 Nov 1910

Occupation: dentist

Spouse: Pauline Martha "Polly" WILSON

Birth: 1912

Death: 1992

Marriage: 12 Dec 1936


1.1.1a.2.1 Robert Dennis BURG

Spouse: Bille Jean WALCUTT

Marriage: 16 Jun 1962


1.1.1a.2.2 Linda Lee BURG

Spouse: Robert Thomas ORRILL

Marriage: 23 Jun 1963


1.1.2 Harvey Garfield BURG

Birth: 2 Dec 1880


1.1.3 Edna R BURG

Birth: 10 Mar 1883


1.1.4 Franklin G BURG

Birth: 21 Dec 1886


1.1.5 Harrison Morton BURG

Birth: 15 Nov 1888


Labeled as Mrs. Joe BURG and friend, this circa 1910 photo is probably the wife of Joseph Stoner BURG of Red Lion, Pennsylvania.


1.1.6 Joseph Stoner BURG

Birth: 4 Aug 1890


1.1.7 Wilbert Palmer BURG

Birth: 28 Nov 1891


1.1.8 Charles Henry BURG

Birth: 21 Jan 1895


1.1.9 Anna Henrietta BURG

Birth: 10 Nov 1898, Hellam Twp., York Co., PA

Death: 16 Mar 1998, Red Lion, York Co., PA

Burial: East Prospect ‘Riverview’ Cemetery, Lower Windsor Twp., York Co., PA


Anna H Bull

Red Lion

  Anna H Burg Bull of Red Lion died at 10:25 pm March 16 at York Hospital after a brief illness.  she was 99.

  Mrs Bull had been a cigar maker at the former T E Brooks Co in Red Lion for many years.

  She was a member of St Paul’s United Methodist Church in Red Lion and its Sunday school.

  She was a member of Red Lion Ambulance Association.

  Born in Hellam Township, Nov 10, 1898, she was the daughter of the late Henry and Lydia Gilbert Burg.  She was the wife of the late Vertus A Bull.

  She leaves a brother, William McKinley Burg of York; and nieces and nephews.

  A daughter, Sara M Burg, is deceased.

  Viewing is from 9 to 10 am Friday at St Paul’s United Methodist Church, 45 1st Ave, Red Lion.  The service is at 10 am Friday at the church with her pastor, the Rev Charles W Keller, officiating.

  Burial is in East Prospect (Riverview) Cemetery.

  Memorial contributions may be made to the memorial fund at her church, 45 1st Ave, Red Lion 17356.

  Geiple Funeral Home Inc, 53 Main St, Glen Rock, is in charge of arrangements.”


Spouse: Vertus A BULL


Children: Sara M (-<1998) Sara M BULL

Death: bef 1998


1.1.10 William McKinley BURG

Birth: 21 Jun 1902






Beverley Ann spouse of 1.1.1a.1.3


Sara M

Vertus A spouse of 1.1.9


Alta Marvin 1.1.1a.1.1

Andrea Kathlene child of 1.1.1a.2.2

Anna Henrietta 1.1.9

Betsey Robin child of 1.1.1a.2.1

Brian Dennis child of 1.1.1a.2.1

Charles Henry 1.1.8

Dawn Elizabeth 1.1.1a.1.2

Earl Britman 1.1.1a

Earl Ross 1.1.1a.1.3

Edna R 1.1.3

Franklin G 1.1.4

Harrison Morton 1.1.5

Harvey Garfield 1.1.2

Henry Franklin 1.1.1a.1

Henry William 1.1

Jeannie Elizabeth child of 1.1.1a.2.2

John Palmer 1.1.1a.2

Jonathan Earl child of 1.1.1a.1.3

Joseph Stoner 1.1.6

Joyce Elaine 1.1.1a.1.4

Linda Lee 1.1.1a.2.2

Mark J 1.1.1b.1

Matthew Henry child of 1.1.1a.1.3

Robert Dennis 1.1.1a.2.1

Samuel 1

Wilbert Palmer 1.1.7

William McKinley 1.1.10


Harry parent of spouse of 1.1.1b

Julia Mary spouse of 1.1.1b


Eva parent of spouse of 1.1.1b


Grace Viola spouse of 1.1.1a.1

William Ross parent of spouse of 1.1.1a.1


Henry parent of spouse of 1.1

Lydia spouse of 1.1


Rachel spouse of 1


Rebecca parent of spouse of 1.1


Erin Beth child of 1.1.1a.1.4

Jennifer Burg child of 1.1.1a.1.4

Kerri Renee child of 1.1.1a.1.4

Thomas Thatcher spouse of 1.1.1a.1.4


Col.Stanton Richard spouse of 1.1.1a.1.2

Kristin Leigh child of 1.1.1a.1.2

Scott Leighton child of 1.1.1a.1.2

Shari Dawn child of 1.1.1a.1.2


Robert Thomas spouse of 1.1.1a.2.2


Britman W child of 1.1.1a.1.1

Dayna Lorence child of 1.1.1a.1.1

Eric Whitfield child of 1.1.1a.1.1

John Franklin child of 1.1.1a.1.1

John Whitfield spouse of 1.1.1a.1.1


Laura parent of spouse of 1.1.1a.1


Melvina Jane "Jane" parent of spouse of 1.1.1a


Bille Jean spouse of 1.1.1a.2.1


Pauline Martha "Polly" spouse of 1.1.1a.2


Benjamin Franklin “Frank” parent of spouse of 1.1.1a

Hettie Marvin spouse of 1.1.1a


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