Once Upon a Town 45: Susan Grove (STEIN) SECHRIST, and her family


This is the face of my great-great-great-grandmother.  I wonder what's going on behind those eyes...  What did she see when she sat for this photo?  Did she ride the train into York for a Grand Day Out?  Or was there a traveling photographer in the area?  That's the least of my questions—don't get me started, unless you've got answers!


I'll include photos and notes on her children in the next several days.  Because I have so few photos of this line, this is a good place to include what I have on the STEIN lineage...


Susan Grove STEIN

Birth: 22 Oct 18591

Appointment: 23 Apr 1896 as a member of The Women’s Missionary Society; VP 1905; Pres 1906-1912; Sun School teacher Class #4 1901-04; Class #7 1915-20, 1922, in St. Paul’s Evangelical United Brethren Church, 1st Ave., Red Lion, York Co., PA

Death: 20 Oct 19381

Burial: Red Lion Cemetery, Gay St., York Twp., York Co., PA


Father: Daniel STINE, Jr. (1825-1905)

Mother: Susan GROVE (1826-1903)


Spouse: Stephen Stanley SECHRIST

Marriage: 11 Sep 1883 in Windsor Twp., York Co., PA2



Bertha Mae (1884-1953)

James Bayard (1885-1971)

Stella Elizabeth (Died as Infant) (1885-1886)

Elsie Gladys (1889-1987)



1. tombstone inscription, Red Lion Union Cemetery, York Co, PA

2. Prowell, History of York County.


Great-great-great-grandmother Susan's great-grandfather, Ludwig is the beginning of the line for me, at this point. These names and dates are taken from my Reunion files.  Until I identify and confirm sources, this information is NOT written in stone, and I welcome your input!


First Generation

1. Ludwig STINE.

Born in 1762 in York, York Co., PA.

Ludwig died in York, York Co., PA, in 1812; he was 50.


Ludwig married Maria Catharina WEIGLE,

daughter of Johan Martin WEIGLE Jr. & Anna Catherina ‘Catherine’ SCHULTZ. Born on 9 May 1762 or 26 Aug 1774.

Maria Catharina died in York, York Co., PA, on 16 Aug 1845; she was 83.


York, Windsor & Lower Windsor Townships, York County, Pennsylvania: Original Pennsylvania Land Records (Vol. 9), Neal Otto Hively, ISBN 0-9638435-3-2

STEIN, Ludwig p.135

(p.135) Survey #1958: Windsor Twp.

York Warrant: D-23

WARRANT: 5 May 1752, 100 acres to Jacob Dunkey

SURVEY: 21 Apr 1753, 139 acres to Jacob Dunkey

  28 Oct 1809, 141.63 acres to Ludwig Stein

PATENT: 3 Jun 1829, 141.63 acres to Ludwig Stein

    H-26-431; C-45-277; C-64-100

  10 Mar 1837; 3.153 acres to Joseph Slenker

    H-37-33; C-45-277, 278


They had the following children:

i. Anna Catharine (1788-) Born on 2 Jun 1788.

ii. John (1792-) Born on 22 Dec 1792.

2 iii. Daniel Sr. (1794-1870)

iv. Susan (1796-) Born on 29 Dec 1796.

v. Margaret (1799-) Born on 26 Jan 1799.


Second Generation

2. Daniel STINE Sr.

Born on 8 Apr 1794 or 30 Mar 1795 in York, York Co., PA.

Daniel died in Longstown, York Co., PA, on 4 Jun 1870; he was 76.


On 8 Apr 1821 when Daniel was 27, he married Mary Magdalena " Maria" HOLTZAPPLE in Freysville Lutheran & Reformed Union Church, Windsor Twp., York Co., PA. Born abt 1794.


1850 Census:  PA, York Co, Windsor twp, p 128

183-185  Daniel STINE, 56 M, farmer, 3000; Maria, 56 F; Catharine, 19 F; Sarah, 17 F; Maria, 15 F; Philip, 10 M; Daniel, Jr, 21 M; tanner...

184-186 Henry STINE, 46 M; farmer, 3000; Julia, 45 F; John, 18 M; Joseph, 16 M; Julia, 11 F; Zacharias, 9 M...

185-187  Henry STINE, 22 M, laborer; Elizabeth, 25 F; married within the year...

p 129, 192-195  Jacob STINE, 24 M, shoemaker, 600; Elizabeth, 21 F; Andrew, 2 M.


They had the following children:

3 i. Daniel Jr. (1825-1905)

ii. Catharine (~1831-) Born abt 1831.

iii. Sarah (~1833-) Born abt 1833.

iv. Maria (~1835-) Born abt 1835.

v. Philip (~1840-) Born abt 1840.


Third Generation

3. Daniel STINE Jr.

Born on 8 Dec 1825 in York, York Co., PA.

Daniel died in York, York Co., PA, on 28 Jul 1905; he was 79.

Buried in Freysville Lutheran & Reformed Cemetery, Windsor Twp., York Co., PA. 


On 1 Dec 1853 when Daniel was 27, he married Susan GROVE, daughter of Henry GROVE & Mary Magdalena ‘Martha’ SECHRIST. Born on 1 Feb 1826 in Windsor Twp., York Co., PA. Susan died in York, York Co., PA, on 23 Sep 1903; she was 77.


They had the following children:

4 i. Susan Grove (1859-1938)

ii. Mary M.

iii. Ella Nora ‘Ellen’ (ca1857-) Born ca 1857.

iv. William A. G.

v. Daniel G.

vi. Sarah J.

vii. Henry G.


Fourth Generation

4. Susan Grove STEIN.  (See above.)

Born on 22 Oct 1859.

Susan Grove died on 20 Oct 1938; she was 78.

Buried in Red Lion Cemetery, Gay St., York Twp., York Co., PA.


On 11 Sep 1883 when Susan Grove was 23, she married Stephen Stanley SECHRIST, son of John Franklin SECHRIST & Susan FREY, in Windsor Twp., York Co., PA. Born on 24 Mar 1857 in Family Farm Near Felton, Chanceford Twp, York Co, PA. Stephen Stanley died in 105 W. Broadway, Red Lion, York Twp., York Co., PA, on 30 Nov 1943; he was 86.


They had the following children:

i. Bertha Mae (1884-1953)

ii. James Bayard (1885-1971)

iii. Stella Elizabeth (Died as Infant) (1885-1886)

iv. Elsie Gladys (1889-1987)




Susan parent of spouse of 4


Henry parent of spouse of 3

Susan spouse of 3


Mary Magdalena " Maria" spouse of 2


Anna Catherina ‘Catherine’ parent of spouse of 1


Bertha Mae child of 4

Elsie Gladys child of 4

James Bayard child of 4

John Franklin parent of spouse of 4

Mary Magdalena ‘Martha’ parent of spouse of 3

Stella Elizabeth child of 4

Stephen Stanley spouse of 4


Susan Grove 4


Anna Catharine child of 1

Catharine child of 2

Daniel Sr. 2

Daniel Jr. 3

Daniel G. child of 3

Ella Nora ‘Ellen’ child of 3

Henry G. child of 3

John child of 1

Ludwig 1

Margaret child of 1

Maria child of 2

Mary M. child of 3

Philip child of 2

Sarah child of 2

Sarah J. child of 3

Susan child of 1

William A. G. child of 3


Johan Martin Jr. parent of spouse of 1

Maria Catharina spouse of 1

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  • #1

    Margaret Hess (Saturday, 06 February 2016 12:45)

    In 1982, before I went to college, I worked for Quality Care Nursing services as a companion to Mrs. Elsie Laucks, replacing her usual companion who requested a few months' vacation. I was hired to be a companion, cleaned, and made us both meals.
    Elsie was so interesting, and such an intelligent, sweet woman.
    I remember the following:
    She had gone to China to tour with a friend in the 70s.
    She went to boarding school in Boston with Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy ( I don't remember if this was the famous Mrs. Porter's). Elsie said that the owner of the school was an older woman who would have paraffin injected into her face for parent visitation days. We both rolled our eyes over that!
    She said that her father worked for one dollar a day at various farms, saving to go to teacher's school. He taught and then went into business, and became very successful. He was very fussy about the way his daughters looked, once telling Elsie's mother never to dress her sister in a certain color blue.
    Elsie told me she didn't like her name because there was a local lady of the night whose name was Elsie.
    Elsie said that her mother Susan was very sickly at times, with Many doctor visits, Susan laying in bed in a darkened room, and fed on a diet of wine and meat. After Susan was past child bearing age, she regained her health and was more active once again.
    Elsie asked me to try on Susan's gown- the one in the second picture with the velvet piping- I think it was purple. She said I reminded her of her mother. We did try it on me, and it did not button at the waist. Elsie kindly said it would with a corset!
    Elsie also told me some sad things- how she felt when her parents died, also how shocked she was when her husband died suddenly at home.
    Elsie loved angel food cake and filet mignon. I was not the greatest cook, but a good baker, so whipped up the cake ( from a box mix, which she requested). She gave me a great apple dumpling recipe from a housekeeper of hers that was also a favorite, as well as the bran muffin recipe off the bran cereal box. One summer night I remember our supper was angel food cake and ice cream, with Elsie asking me not to tell her sons. Usually, she ate balanced meals.
    Elsie was such a lady, and so up to date, reading the paper every day. We had many discussions about the current goings-on. Elsie reminded me a lot of my grandmother, with her advice to invest in utility stocks. She would show me the mail with her dividend checks. I think they were even the same utilities my grandmother received.
    After the woman I was replacing at Quality Care came back, I left Holly Hill and went to college. I look back on that time with much fondness.
    Googleing Elsie's name, I was so surprised to find your website, and have been reading so much, from genealogy to delicious recipes. What a wonderful job you've done. Elsie would be proud!

  • #2

    Krysten Lingner (Monday, 05 July 2021 18:27)

    Good morning! I am absolutely fascinated by what you have researched and written here. My husband Michael own a house in Red Lion PA that is an old Victorian that built in the late 1800’s or perhaps early 1900’s. at 644 W Broadway. Though we’ve been told that early on, the street numbers may have been different. The reason I’m contacting you, is that during the process of our renovations we tore down one of the walls and found that a piece of wood was signed on the inside of the wall by what looks like an M A Stein. I given the ties to Red Lion and mention of an address on W Broadway, I’m wondering if our house may have been built by one of your relatives . I have pictures of the signature on the wall board that I’d be happy to email. We have been trying to research our homes history and would love to hear your thought! My email address is 34zwife@gmail.com. Thank you for taking the time to write all your research down. Its absolutely fascinating! Krysten Lingner