Once Upon a Town 50: more Addie Irene (ZARFOS) HOFFMAN


The names, places and dates of her life are in yesterday's edition.


The real story—stories—are in these photos...


Birth: 21 Mar 18851

Death: 14 Aug 19601

Burial: Red Lion Cemetery, Gay St., York Twp., York Co., PA1

Father: Philip Mitzel CRALEY (1855-1937)

Mother: Sarah Jane KINARD (1858-1942)


Spouse: Stewart J. LEACH

Birth: 18901

Death: 19751



1. Mary E Rutt, The Five Sisters:  Our Sechrist Heritage 1705-1999, Walter Shaub, Gordonville, PA.


Unfortunately, we don't know who either of these young gentlemen were.

Stuck a feather in her cap and called it 'ostrich'
Stuck a feather in her cap and called it 'ostrich' by AprylZA
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