The Strange Case of the Missing Catnip (and How the 3 Blind Mice Were Held Accountable)

What to do with a nice harvest of Nepeta cataria and a little bit of yarn? 

Isn't it obvious?

Ask your cat.

The original 2-needle pattern by Robert Matthews is available on ravelry, but I turned it on its head and converted to a seemless version worked from nose to tail. The pattern is available here for free:

Seamless Catnip Mouse Pattern
Firmly-knitted on double-pointed needles with about 15 g knitting worsted/DK-weight 100% wool yarn; wool or cotton wadding, and 1 T dried catnip for an approximately 8 cm toy.
Seamless Mouse Catnip Toy.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB

To Kitty with love...

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