Code Name Pauline: Memoirs of a World War II Special Agent

Code Name Pauline: Memoirs of a World War II Special AgentCode Name Pauline: Memoirs of a World War II Special Agent by Pearl Witherington Cornioley
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This was such the tiniest hint of an unforgettable period of history that's so quickly slipping away. I can respect that Mme. Cornioley refrained from telling her story for the fear of misrepresentation, but what a shame that she kept silent for so long. She held a key of truth that's worth remembering. Thankfully, we can read at least a part of what she knew.

For instance, we don't often go into the difference between the Gestapo and the German Army. They were 2 completely opposing forces! On page 100, she rightly says, "Personally I think that someone who hasn't lived through this type of war can't understand what it was really like; it's impossible." Yet, it is worth the effort. One can't over-explain to those of us who've grown up surrounded by the luxury of peace. Unfortunately, this book was far from detail. In consequence, I may be more likely to turn to embellishments in search of context.

In the Conclusion, Cornioley writes: Nothing is completed easily in life, and this book took a lot of time and dedication from both Henri and me. We wanted to tell our story as it happened and as we experienced it.
I hope this testimony will help young people get over the problems and difficulties that happen in any life. Never lose hope, never give in, because life will not make things easy, but it knows how to reward those who approach it conscientiously, bravely, and with determination.
We have both come to the end of our lives by facing life together and by creating a close circle of friends who were chosen for their humanity. We would like to thank them with all our hearts for being so wonderful.

I recommend this short book to anyone who needs more heroes to teach them a thing or two.

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