Painting in Provence day 10...and beyond...

How Much is that Picasso in the Window?
How Much is that Picasso in the Window?



What a fabulous, fast, furious 10 days that was!


When can I do that again?


...Or rather, how can I live every day this way? Now that I'm back home, all the daily household tasks scold me for attention. Can you identify with the battle of prioritizing the necessary time to learn and grow? What is it that you love to do? Isn't that the thing that's so often set aside for "the right moment?"


I give you a final evening in Arles, followed by a few ventures into capturing the light around me: Monte Sainte Victoire, Tina & Turner (my faithful Golden companions), and an outing to the crowded beach of Cassis...

Here's a shout out for the Value Viewer app: It can really help you see things differently ;0)

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25 june - 4 july 2017

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Mathieu Brousses at Provence Art Experience


Yesterday: Aigues-Mortes <— AIXploring Provence —> 2 Michelin star dining à Hotel du Castellet

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    Georgia (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 14:57)

    I love the paintings you created- so much life in Tina & Turner! Indeed that is the question we must all keep asking ourselves-- what are we waiting for when it comes to really LIVING our lives? Its so easy to get lost in the dross of routine and daily jobs and suddenly we have lost YEARS of our lives being 'busy'. I would like to say that there IS more to life and its not about just plowing through the daily jobs we do every day. Bring some joy back into your day- get up an hour earlier if you have to carve out the time to sketch, paint or be creative-- your whole day will be better for it!!! Thank you Apryl for reminding us that its important to take the time to learn and grow- to follow our bliss! Please email me if you would like the itinerary for our next Provence Art workshop in 2017 !! Come duscover your artistic passion with us in 2017!