Apryl à la calanque L'EnVau
Apryl à la calanque L'EnVau

Apryl Zarfos Anderson

...is an artist who thrives on growing with her work.  The intense light and colors of Provence stimulate perpetual exploration--much like a sunflower--and with plenty of water, wine, and the fresh, wholesome flavors of the field, Apryl sends her roots deep into her world.


The seeds were planted early in Apryl’s life.  Born in York County, Pennsylvania Dutch family traditions raised her up like a well-ordered row of sweet corn.  Running through woods and fields during Indian summers, making needlework and crafts in inclement weather, family travels to nearby cities and faraway states, and soaking up ideas from constant reading formed a life resembling an Amish quilt: full of color, yet precisely measured. Throughout her schooling, Apryl carved a small business of knitwear design, and spent summers as a camp counselor in Pennsylvania, New York and Maine.  Two years at Arcadia College (Glenside, PA), followed by two years at Bowling Green State University (Ohio) were the topstitching on that quilt.  The B.A. in Fashion Merchandising gave Apryl a place as Assistant Manager at New York Fabrics of San Jose, California in 1988, as the newlyweds settled in Silicon Valley.


Six months later, Apryl accompanied her husband on his job assignment to Seoul, Republic of Korea, for one month…that turned into a 4-month stay.  Another 6 months after their return to Silicon Valley, they committed to Tim’s next opportunity in Munich.  Realizing that their sojourn may be brief, Apryl dedicated her time to learning as much about her new world as possible, including speaking German, and accompanying visitors on tours and excursions.  Her interest in the traditional clothing became a design opportunity, and curiosity about ‘Van Dyke’ collars (observed in so many European museums) resulted in teaching herself bobbin lacemaking.


The move from Bavaria was a harsh pruning, cutting off history and culture to return to USA’s high-tech center.  The couple leapt at the offer to return to Seoul in 1993, little realizing what a different experience awaited them.  While Tim tapped into the current of a burgeoning electronics industry, Apryl discovered that she was one-in-a-million--the only set of blue eyes for miles around.  Even though her hosts couldn’t have been more welcoming, to consistently find oneself as an amusing curiosity caused a shift in observation, demanding, “Am I object or subject?  How will so much input become output?”


Apryl joined the Seoul International Women’s Association, investing herself into classes on Korean silk embroidery and traditional brush painting, and a western drawing class, consequently reviving a dormant love of the fine arts.


The Andersons moved to Wokingham, Berkshire, and then to Shotley Bridge, Consett, County Durham, England, where Apryl added motherhood and gardening to her repertoire.  She continued raising children and flowers at their next home in Dresden, Germany, additionally taking a course in aquarelles at the local Volkshochschule.   


The transplanting from Germany to Provence in 2000 uprooted Apryl from her tidy life of order and function, and dropped her into an unfathomable language and culture.  This was precisely the right fertilizer for Apryl to grow in all new directions.  She connected with the International Christian Community of Provence (ICCP), an ever-changing group of souls unified in trust that God is with us.  That quest taught Apryl to push through debilitating doubts, and into several years of oil painting under the tutelage of Jacques Letrosne (Aix-en-Provence), a workshop with Jerry Freesia (Lago di Como, Italy), and opportunities with l’Association Amis de Musée Granet.  It was in 2007 when Apryl realized that the more you exercise your ‘green thumb,’ the better your harvest, devoting every moment to crafting art into her life.  The Anderson family’s involvement with ICCP gives Apryl the opportunity to serve as event photographer, as well as creating stage sets and training opportunities during the Kids’ Camp hosted on their land.  She also teaches others to develop their creative skills through classes and private lessons.  


Apryl’s style became a joyous hide-and-seek with eternity.  Believing that each person reflects a delightful image of our Creator, every one of us can find something to celebrate.  Like the sunflower, Apryl can inspire her viewers to discover life to its fullest extent, and her works are travel notes of her journey as she follows the sun.

Apryl Zarfos Anderson est une artiste américaine vivant actuellement en Provence. Comme les tournesols locales, elle se nourrit de la lumière intense et un sol riche. Avec avec une abondance d'eau, de vin, et de saveurs fraîches et saines du champ, Apryl envoie ses plonge ses racines profondément dans son monde. De la Pennsylvanie à l'Ohio, jusqu'en Californie, suivi de Séoul, Munich, dans le sud et le nord de l'Angleterre, Dresde et Aix-en-Provence, elle profite de chaque moment pour découvrir les cultures et le paysage, résultant à un mélange de multiples facettes d'expression à travers ses peintures, le tricot, la cuisine, l'écriture, l'aide ménagère, et le jardin.


Le style d'Apryl est devenu un jeu de cache-cache joyeux avec l'éternité. Estimant que toute personne reflète une image ravissante de notre Créateur, chacun de nous peut trouver quelque chose à célébrer. Comme le tournesol, Apryl inspire ses spectateurs à découvrir la vie dans toute son étendue, et ses œuvres sont un carnet de voyage, décrivant son parcous en suivant le soleil.

ANDERSON Apryl Zarfos' Curriculum vitae 2015
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Chronological Apryl

Apryl Zarfos 1984
Apryl Zarfos 1984

1966 born York County, Pennsylvania, USA

1984 gradutated Dallastown Area High School

1984-1986 attended Beaver College to study English

1988 graduated Bowling Green State University with a BA in Fashion Merchandising, married Tim Anderson and moved to Silicon Valley, CA

1989 lived in Seoul, South Korea for 4 months

1990 moved to Munich, Germany, studied German, learned bobbin lacemaking and designed Trachten (traditional Bavarian clothing)

1992 returned to Silicon Valley, started writing a cookbook

1993 returned to Seoul, learned Korean brush painting, traditional silk embroidery and drawing, taught English to school students, joined various women's & foreigners' groups

1995 moved to Wokingham, England, for the birth of Sarah and discovered British gardening

1997 moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where Emily was born

1998 lived in Dresden, Germany, and managed to take a course in aquarelles

2000 arrived in Aix-en-Provence, France, and life has never been the same since

2002 bought our first house, started renovations

2003 joined l'Atelier Libre and studied under Jacques Letrosne

2006 Jerry Fresia's Impressionism workshop on Lago di Como, Italy

2008 June Group expo Rosanna Avery Gallery Aix-en-Provence, France

2009 photograph included in Zappos.com Culture Book

2009 began directing Arts & Crafts program for ICCP Kids' Camp, and teaching private Fine Arts instruction

2009 November 20-22, First Solo expo Salle de Conseil, St Marc Jaumegarde, France

2010 designs available on zazzle.com

2011 Wine, Women & Song expo, L'Oustau de St Marc Jaumegarde

2012 Initiated Knitting mornings, ICCP office, Aix-en-Provence

2012 Art Expo & Auction for the Benefit of Amnesty International, Cadanet

2014 Knitting pattern sales on ravelry.com

2014 Offers handwork in an Etsy shop

2014 Christmas Fair, English Bubble, Aix-en-Provence