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AIXpatriate Life:

Welcome to ICCP: the International Christian Community of Provence

  ...where brothers and sisters from around the globe and from every background under the sun are united in fellowship. This inter-faith network provides spiritual and tangible help to get on in this time and place. 

    And ask me about Kids' Week ;0)

Enhance your AIXperience!

If you are looking to add a memorable and exciting experience to your Provence adventure, WineInProvence can make it happen.


From wine tasting classes in the heart of Aix-en-Provence, private tours at local wineries, and corporate tour packages, WineInProvence can handle all of your needs.

Spend a week with an impressive Impressionist

In the spring of 2006, I spent a week on Lago di Como, learning the techinques of Impressionism with an excellent teacher, Jerry Fresia. 


It's my pleasure to recommend his work and workshop course:

No more 'starving artist'

There are many obvious and basic steps from creativity to being a world-renowned artist. I was, frankly, overwhelmed at the vast abyss separating me from the business aspects of an artistic career. The seven sessions with experts in the fine arts field were exactly what I needed to map out the goal and the plan to realistically become a professional artist. If you're willing to do what you love will all your heart, mind and strength, then follow this link: smARTist™ Telesummit