AIXpand your world: Discovery Courses

Knitting from Start to Finish

Let me help you to unravel the mysteries of creating your own knitted creations. We’ll start with a coffee mug cozy, make a cushion cover (or satchel), and step into design possibilities to send you knitting gracefully into the next term break.


4 two-hour sessions, Monday afternoons 14h00-16h00, starting 26 January 2015

at The English Bubble,

453 ave. Jean-Paul Coste, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

50€ reserves your spot & materials and 100€ is due on the 1st day of class

Contact me for more details and how to register!

Next 4-week session: 9/16/23/30 March 2015

More Knitting Classes for all levels coming soon...

Beaux Arts & Creativity Development

Please join me at the foot of mount Sainte Victoire for an introduction to a fine arts course unlike any other.


Every 1-hour session presents another crucial technique, and in a way that you will never learn in art 101.  How does an artist tap into the Source of inspiration?  Learn to recognize the blocks, how to work through them, and soar above everything you thought you knew.


The Source Of Art
A 12-week introduction to art technique & inspiration for creativity

six 1-hr lessons, €40

4 students per class

private lessons €360


Supplies can be provided at €40 for drawing materials (weeks 1-6)

and €110 for painting materials (weeks 7-12)


Individual sessions by appointment

Apryl Anderson
L’Adrech, Rte de Vauvenargues,
13100 St Marc Jaumegarde, FRANCE
tel. 0442 24 96 45





Just visiting?


So, you don't live in Aix, or can't commit to a 12-week course?


Contact me for a lesson in Impressionism that can be specially tailored to your skills and schedule.


And be sure to check out the packages that are available through Wine in Provence!


The Source


If we are created in the image of our Creator, than we are a reflection of a glorious Being.  Why is that so hard to believe, and even harder to live?


I've written a 12-week life transformation study that will bring you to the Source, if you let it.  You will discover your own unique and delightful gift, and encounter life in a way that you hadn't believed was possible.  (It is!)  Check out the blog here.



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