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Provençal legend says that lou Garagaï—the dragon— will wake on the last days, but that's not the only reason people watch her ever-changing face... 

Impressions of Provence


    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Tournesols et lavandes

—sunflowers and lavender—

come to life as we soak in the brilliant summer sun

Le chemin

Let the art critics wax eloquent on the recurring theme of paths meandering through the forests

L'eau vive


For all who thirst

The beauty of this land doesn't fade in her season of rest. The tourists are gone, her inhabitants carry on with their lives, and Provence restores herself in the quiet.

Linguistic aptitude in French is not one of my strengths, but I will argue to the death that la nature morte should be rightly called ‹‹la nature vivante›› Still LIFE!

A table!

Fresh, farm-raised ingredients and attention to culinary skill raise our appreciation to a celebration

la grande bleue


Partons, la mer est belle!

au pas des maîtres

...because bad artists copy; great artists steal.

Merci monsieur Picasso for teaching us that trick.

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Where I put things together with paint & glue

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