AIXcruciatingly funny: Monday


Does Something Taste Funny to You? The Corporate Cannibals
Does Something Taste Funny to You? The Corporate Cannibals
No Pun in 10 Did!
No Pun in 10 Did!
CB over Haifa
International Outbreak of Punfare

Carpe Diem in Carrots with Felix
Carpe Diem in Carrots with Felix

"It was obvious that this joke was lethal…"


Sometimes, Mondays feel like eat or be eaten.  It's important to keep up your strength, and laughter is the best medicine...


Expect the unexpected


In Search of the Killer Joke


Give Philosophical thought a fighting chance


Life Lessons


You want to know something?


54 things I'm not sure about


It's alright; I didn't realize you were an alien


Monday/Funday and the Importance of making life choices


All ashore as goin' ashore!


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Things you never knew…


Check your facts (at the door)


The deep thoughts of Steven Wright


I was thinking…


I used to be indecisive


25 useful facts


25 more facts


If King Solomon had email, and other timeless proverbs


Jokes from the Sock Drawer


Be Careful What You Pray For


the Key to a Successful Marriage


the Dog School Dropout Earns His Keep


Inter-Cultural Art Critique


Across the Great Divide 


Gambling with the Great Ever-After


STOP: Exegesis Explained


Apryl's Helpful Holiday Drinking Guide


the Classic Church Announcements Blooper Blog


the Merger of Hannukah & Christmas


More Helpful Holiday Tips


An Important Bulletin from Santa Claus


Ring in the New Year with the Sound of Laughter


Attitude Readjustment Surgery


For Better or Worse: a Wet Blanket for the Hopeless Romantic


Do You Know What Day it is?


The Private Lives of Cats & Dogs


Flying Lessons


What's Amore?


So, You're Considering Childbirth & Parenthood


Making Babies: the FAQ you never thought to ask


the Lesser-Known Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Greece




That's Riddleculous!


I'm Laughing all the way to the Office


St Patrick's Day


That Duck Joke is Completely Quackers!


Easter Bunny Wisdom


Mother's Day: the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world


Hanging Around the Pearly Gates


More Gems from the Pearly Gates


Famous Last Words


Grandpa's Explosive Secret of Longevity


Corporate Policy & the Dead Horse