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Researching our family histories from ANDERSON to ZARFOS

Geraldine "Sity" (LAUCKS) & Jay Robert ZARFOS
Geraldine "Sity" (LAUCKS) & Jay Robert ZARFOS
Edna (BESHORE) & Charles Franklin LAUCKS
Edna (BESHORE) & Charles Franklin LAUCKS
Mary Margaret MILLER (1852-1929)
Mary Margaret MILLER (1852-1929)

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Jesse Thomas & Sallie (WALTEMEYER) ANDERSON of My Lady's Manor at Monkton, Baltimore County, Maryland



The John RUPP family of Lower Windsor, York County, Pennsylvania



The Stephen Stanley SECHRIST family of Red Lion, York County, Pennsylvania


Susan Grove STEIN married Stephen Stanley SECHRIST.



The Benjamin ZARFOS family of Windsor township, York County, Pennsylvania

Red Lion hosted a 'Welcome Home' parade in 1946

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I have a large collection of photos with absolutely no identification...except for the photography studio's embossment, and a knowledge of period clothing and style.


These came from a box in my grandparents' (Jay & Sity ZARFOS) cellar, which came from Aunt Addie (ZARFOS) HOFFMAN's attic, which came from her mother, Jane (RUPP) ZARFOS's home.  Odds are, these are friends and family of John & Mary (POFF) RUPP, who lived in Lower Windsor Township, York Co., Pennsylvania, during the 19th century.


I'm uploading them in the desire to reconnect these lost people with their families.  Even though they've been gone for more than 100 years, their stories are worth knowing.  As with many from the area, we don't know much about our ancestors' lives because they tended to underestimate their worth.  "Aw, t'weren't nuthin'" seemed to be the catchphrase of most Yorkers.  Besides, why write the names on photos when everybody knows them, anyway?


So, please put an end to my whining, and start identifying your family photos!  Keep a journal of your days, and include photos with their stories.  Your great-grandchildren will be astounded by the way you had to type with your fingers, and drive a car, and brush your own teeth, and...


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23: Melvina Jane (RUPP) ZARFOS 1856-1944

24: Elizabeth (RUPP) & Joseph STONEY

25: Amanda Ellen (RUPP) & John J GRESER

26: Mary Ann (RUPP) & Thomas ADAIR

27: Benjamin & Annie (HOWARD) ZARFOS

28: John Wesley & Sarah Jane (LEBERNIGHT) ZARFOS

29: Rebecca, Elizabeth, Eliza Jane & Henrietta ZARFOS

30: Benjamin Franklin & Melvina Jane (RUPP) ZARFOS

31: Amanda ZARFOS & Moses PAULES

32: William Harry 'Hal' ZARFOS & Charlotte 'Lotte' JACOBS

33: More John RUPP & Benjamin ZARFOS families & friends

34: Cora (ZARFOS) LAHR

35: William A. LAHR

36: LAHR siblings & cousins

37: Leo & Lena LAHR and the DOLLs

38: Hettie Marvin & Earl Britman BURG

39: Henry Franklin & John Palmer BURG

40: Henry William & Lydia (GILBERT) BURG + Samuel & Rachel (HAINES) BURG

41: Charles Franklin ZARFOS

42: Bertha Mae (SECHRIST) ZARFOS

43: Zarfos & Burg

44: Stephen Stanley SECHRIST

45: Susan Grove STEIN

46: Mary FINKBINDER & James Bayard SECHRIST

47: Mary Elizabeth, Stephen Stanley, James Finkbinder & Barbara Lou SECHRIST

48: Elsie Glays SECHRIST

49: Addie Irene ZARFOS