la Cuisinière Provençale

Barjols Saint Marcel Tripe Festival
Cooking up everything under the sun...except tripe...not yet...

Click on each photo below to taste the sunshine

Recipes for small to enormous appetites
Marrow beef stew
Osso bocco
The best broth & stew
cooked sauerkraut with onions, carrots, sausages and roast potatoes
Choucroute garni
That Fabulous Garlic Mayonnaise
saffron rice with meat & seafood
Provencal Saffron Chicken & Rice
Provençal Poule au Riz au Safran
grilled chickpea snack
la Socca
Fresh basil & roasted pine nut pasta
Rizotto rice ring with meat stuffing
Risotto à la financière

Chou-fleurs au gratin et sauce béchamel: Creamy cauliflower au gratin like you've never had it before

Watch it happen:

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