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2 February 2009

smARTist™ Telesummit smARTist™ Telesummit

So much has been happening, thanks to the smARTist teleconference.  Seven evenings of speakers covering the facets of marketing my artwork have given me real direction and confidence to carry it through.  Although I don't look forward to the business aspects, I do appreciate knowing that my love of connecting with people can continue as I increase exposure to my work through social networking.


Please tweet with me today!


Oh, and it's Groundhog Day!  Somehow, it seems appropriate that this Pennsylvanian comes out of her hibernation with a few more paintings celebrating light and air...

4 January 2009

It's the traditional time of resolutions and fresh starts, so I've taken a look back to give me a push into the future.  Here's a collection of several works that have been given new life when I had enough faith for courage...

20 December 2008

The recent Monticelli-VanGogh exhibit at Marseille's Vielle Charitée brought me to a significant crossroad:  to be intent upon a recreating an impression of subject, or exploding with sensations of light and color?  I've made my choice, and I hope that my work will reflect the daily delight I get from these divine gifts of beauty.


I've started an AprylZA facebook page, so please join me.  I'll be posting photos and links, as well as letting you know about upcoming events, and you can even write on my wall!


Happy holidays to all!

8 December 2008

I've spent the last month seeking what is so unique and envigorating about this place.  What draws us, engages us, and keeps bringing us back?


Aix is a place of fountains... and the living water for those who are willing.  The deeper I dive, the more I come alive!


Here's a compilation of my photos from our recent Christmas Carol concert:

20 October 2008

The seasons are changing.  The nights are longer and colder, and everyone is looking for cozy comforts.


Tim & I spent a very enjoyable four days in Barcelona last week to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  I am now inspired by the work of Antonio Gaudi, and the artistry of tapas.


Our family is honored to have adopted two delightful 6-year old Golden Retrievers, Tina & Turner.  They think they're on vacation:  it's all the sniffing and digging and cat-chasing they can handle.


I'm sorting out the photos that I've taken recently, but am considerably delayed by the outpourings of canine affections.

30 September 2008

sunflowers 1
sunflowers 1

A new page for a new theme:  sunflowers & lavender


Now it's always summer in Provence!

27 September 2008

Emily and I have been reading and discussing a mind-blowing book by Al Seckel, Masters of Deception.  Because the weblink he mentions is no longer available, I created a YouTube playlist featuring many of the artists' work.  You can be inspired here:

22 September 2008


Word's out that I've got an amazing art course to offer, so I've delayed starting until 7 October.  That means you've still got the opportunity to sign up.  Invite your friends!

More information about the Source of Art


Meanwhile, I'm working on oil painting some of my favorite Provence-oriented themes:  sunflowers, lavender and fresh garden produce... forever summer in my mind.


11 September 2008

I've upgraded to a new level of webmastry, so now I have extra bells and whistles.  Not only do I have access to all kinds of statistical data; I also have a new website address.


Please bookmark me at


Apryl Zarfos ANDERSON's Facebook profile

1 September 2008

Allez, c'est la Rentrée!  We have so much to learn, let's get to it!


I've added lots of photos of my latest work, links to my latest videos and information about ways that you can AIXpand your world by joining my classes.

22 August 2008

It's been a busy summer. 


We created our 3rd Kids' day camp here at Anderland,

took 3 days to play in the Alps with our friends,

said 'good-bye' to our girls for the month as they went for a visit to their grandparents,

Tim & I enjoyed seeing Morley, Joan Biaz and especially Pink Martini at the Nice Jazz Festival,

and I painted and created and revised my Spiritual transformation study. 


Now, I'm gearing up for the Rentrée, which will include teaching an introductory art course based on the expression of the unique spirit within every individual.


Here's the ICCP Kids' Camp AIXcalibur video playlist:

17 June 2008

les bateaux à Sète
les bateaux à Sète

This is one of three paintings that I've entered in le Grand Prix d'Eguilles.  Please join me for the award ceremony on friday 20 june, at 18h30, in the Mairie d'Eguilles.


The expo will run for the following week, and you'll have the opportunity to purchase mine or work by other local artists.

10 June 2008

Et voila, I'm an artist!


The garden in Rosanna Avery's gallery is a perfect hidden treasure.  Alas, a bit too hidden.  The tourists were scurrying past, obviously more interested in following the beaten path than investing in works of lasting beauty.


Speaking of beauty, look at this most excellent display stand that Tim constructed for me.  He's AIXcellent!

28 May 2008

Apryl AIXposed!


Please join me as I show a small selection of my work in Rosanna Avery's gallery.


Saturday & Sunday, 7-8 june 2008, from 10am-19h00 (7pm).


the gallery is located down from the Musée Granet & St Jean de Malte, just before you arrive at the fountain les quatre dauphins.  That's 35 rue Cardinale; telephone 06 42 48 32 65.


Everyone's welcome!  I appreciate your support!

16 May 2008

Because we've moved so often before settling in Provence, and because so many people come and go as we stay here, I'm a true follower of facebook.


It's the funnest way to stay connected with my dearly departed friends this side of heaven.


And it's a great way to find random inspiration and silliness. 


The group, "On May 15th 2008, everybody needs to go out and panic buy CARROTS" was just the incentive I needed for my latest work.  (You can find them at

2 April 2008

I'm still learning to manage my time.  How can I find time to create with so many constant demands for more photocopies as proof of my offsprings' lineage, and subsequent official translations, and oh, so many pointless wastes of ink and trees?  It's something that I really have to fight for—assuming that it's worth the fight.

    This is an oil pastel that I completed last week.

There's change in the air, and I like it!  Winter seems to be on its way out, and the bulbs are bursting with delightful color and fragrance.  Little by little, my writing projects are taking shape, and it'll soon be warm enough to paint outdoors again.  Hibernation's not a bad thing.  I'm learning to appreciate the opportunity to slow down, turn inward, and gather my strength for the next growing season.  I'm hoping that 2008 will be a fruitful year.

7 January 2008

The year has now officially begun, with the girls going back to school this morning and my attacking the details that have been left undone during our Christmas vacation.  It felt good to take some real down-time.  As winter calls for hibernation, I find that I also need to take a step back from the routine for awhile.  Now I'm back.  The run this morning felt great, and I feel the same way about the future.  I wasn't sure if I could go there and home again, but I kept moving and enjoyed the passage.